The New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards

Farm Manager of the Year

Who is eligible?

The 2015 New Zealand Farm Manager of the Year competition caters for:

  • Dairy Farm Managers 
  • Contract Milkers 

Certain conditions must be met to enter this competition so you need to check your eligibility by reading our Conditions of Entry Conditions of Entry (pdf 206KB).

If after reading the Conditions of Entry you are still unsure if you would be eligible to enter one of our competitions, send an e-mail to: outlining your circumstance. Please include a phone number that you can be contacted on.

Here's how it works

  • Fill out an Entry Form on this website during the entry open period
  • To complete your entry, we require the Farm Owner's permission and the Farm Employer's permission (if they are diffferent people).  Permission can be obtained electronically or in printed form if they do not have an email address.
  • When the Farm Owner and Employer’s permission (if applicable) has been received by the NZDIA, you will be sent an email from us which gives you a login to the 'entrant only' part of our website.  
    Once logged in, you will have access to the full Judging Criteria as well as other information about the competition. 
  • As soon as you have access to the Judging Criteria preparation for on-farm judging can begin!

Judging Criteria

The full Judging Criteria will be provided to entrants when permission for their entry has been recevied.

Listed below are the areas you will be judged on and that an entrant should include in their presentation to the judges.

  • Farm Management 
  • Farm Environment
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Financial Planning and Management 
  • Farm Dairy
  • Leadership, Industry & Community
  • Future Aims & Attitudes
  • Communication

Judging - What to expect

  • The judges in our competitions are experienced in the field of farming and want to know about you and your farming career or business.  Many of our judges have entered competitions before and know how it feels to be 'on the other end'.
  • You may be surprised to learn that most of what the judges are looking for are the things you do every day in your farming lives.  You just need to tell them about it and in return receive valuable feedback. Take a look at our video which will give you an insight into judging.
  • You are allocated two hours to make your presentation to the judges.  You might think two hours is a long time, but in reality it isn't!  At the end of your two hours, the judges will have a short Q & A session with you where they will ask a few questions around general farming knowledge or perhaps something you mentioned in your presentation.
  • Former entrants will tell you that it is beneficial to spend some time each week on your preparation for judging.  This way, you start to feel more confident of your ability to give a good presentation and to ensure you are well prepared for judging.
  • Use the Judging Criteria supplied after entry to work through each section to put together a presentation for the judges.
  • After the Regional Awards Dinner has been held, entrants will receive a written Feedback Report from their judges.  Finalists will receive a report from their final round of judging, and all other entrants will receive a report from their preliminary judging.
  • You may speak to your judges about the Feedback Report but finalists may only speak to their final round judges, and preliminary round entrants to their preliminary judges.
  • Regional Winners then progress on to the National Final and in May of each year, they are judged by the national judging team to determine the national winner and placegetters.

Other information

pdf Note: If you would like to view any pdf files on this site, you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free to download and quick & easy to install.

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