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Regional Team 2018/2019

 Heather Regional Manager
Heather McKay
209 Camerons Road
Greymouth 7805
Mobile: 027 660 7189
wctos (at) nzdia.org.nz
 Ted Ford 3 Regional Ambassador
Ted Ford
Mobile: 027 444 2805

Share Farmer of the Year Team Leader Heather McKay
Mobile: 027 660 7189
sfoty.wctos (at) nzdia.org.nz
Dairy Manager of the Year Team Leader Anthony Lamborn
Mobile:  027 525 5895
dmoty.wctos (at) nzdia.org.nz
Dairy Trainee of the Year Team Leader Sam Gofriller
Mobile:  027 301 4209
dtoty.wctos (at) nzdia.org.nz

Regional Information

Dairy Trainee of the Year Finalists

Alexis Wells 
Arthur Challis 
Dallas Bradley 
Jarrod Rae 
Jeffrey Hawes 
Lourens Scholtz

Dairy Manager of the Year Finalists

Clay Paton 
George King 
Krishna Dhakal 
Laurens & Leigh Foulger 
Rachael Lind

Share Farmer of the Year Finalists

Brian & Hannah Dineen 
Jamie & Felicity Thomas
Justine Kelly 
Michael & Cheryl Shearer 
Thomas & Hannah Oats

Regional Awards Dinner Winners Announced    
Winners Field Day Date:   15th April 2019
Time:   10:30 am
Venue: 1462 Kaniere Kowhitirangi Road

Supply Number:
Westland Milk Products - 265