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Further Information

SFOTY Judging Format & Instructions

IMPORTANT Download your judging instructions

  • Prelims judging instructions here

  • Finals judging instructions here

  • Nationals judging instructions here

Financial Accounts

IMPORTANT - You must provide a copy of your 2022/23 annual accounts. If these are not completed already you need to contact your Accountant urgently and have them completed as a priority. Accountants close over the Christmas/New Year period and you will not meet the submission date if you leave this until January to follow up.

If this is your first season in business and you have no annual accounts, please provide a current budget and cashflow.

Please upload a copy of your accounts no later than the dates listed in your login, where the upload link can be found. Please do not send your accounts by post, they must be uploaded electronically to this site.

Judging Criteria and Tips for Judging

The Judging Criteria (pdf) and Tips for Judging will assist you to get your preparation for judging underway. At the end of the on-farm judging, there will be a Question & Answer session of five minutes. The judges will ask you a few questions that may include something that you presented to the judges that they would like clarified or it could just be a general farming knowledge question. Whatever the questions are, just answer them to the best of your ability.


As stated in the Judging Criteria (pdf) for this category, you are required to have a written contract and this must be available for viewing by the category judges. Please remember to have your contract available on judging day.

Assessment Tools

DairyNZ provide tools to help you assess your farm performance.

  • DairyBase helps you better understand your farm system and its performance, by comparing KPIs (key performance indicators) and determining what is working well, then identifying opportunities for improvement. Find out more. 

Ravensdown are here to support you on your NZDIA journey and have a team of local agri-managers available for you to reach out to at any time. The team can come to you on farm or chat over the phone to assist with any of your preparation and have speciality knowledge in environmental, pastural and feed management.

  • Online Learning Portal - online course with a focus on Ravensdown's core services and products, fertiliser information, soils and fertility info, environmental considerations on farm and gives you a view to our nutrient reporting software, HawkEye. On the last page you will find your local agri manager's contact details. Click here to try it.